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Mechanical Data

Advertisement sizes (all sizes in mm)

DPS bleed: 466 x 306
DPS page trim: 460 x 300
DPS type area: 440 x 280
Full page bleed: 236 x 306
Full page trim: 230 x 300
Full page type area: 210 x 280
Half page portrait: 98 x 268
Half page landscape: 200 x 132
Quarter page portrait: 98 x 132
Quarter page landscape: 200 x 64
Eighth page landscape: 98 x 64

Acceptable Format

Working in partnership with you to ensure the highest standards, the following guidelines will ensure your advertisement appears correctly in print.

If you have any questions please feel free to telephone your dedicated account handler for further information.

Mac format is preferable, but PC files can be used provided that it has been saved in the correct digital format with acceptable software.

Correct Software: InDesign CS, Illustrator, Photoshop. Images must be in high resolution (300dpi) and CMYK format. Fonts need to be embedded (or saved in
outline format) to avoid text reflow. If fonts cannot be embedded they need to be supplied (Font suitcases are needed, screen fonts alone will not be enough).

Acceptable Files:

  • InDesign CS files with all logos and images included
  • Photoshop (flattened layers)
  • Illustrator EPS with all fonts outlined
  • PDF (PDF's can be accepted only as final artwork if compliant with industry standards at Pass4Press. Please see the website:
  • Quark.fnt set to outline. Flight Check: All ads should be flight checked prior to transmission.

File Transfer: High resolution artwork can be sent via email to . It must be allocated correct Unique Reference Name to include:

  • Negotiator/Production Controller's name /Unique reference. Files can be sent by CD.
  • Media must only contain the files required for each advertisement. Files supplied on disc must be clearly labelled
  • Negotiator/issue date and also include the advertiser name and contact number in case there are any problems.

Proofs: Proof to be supplied 100% of final size.
Proofs will not be sent to clients if complete artwork is supplied.


  • Media Pack for 2008/09
  • Rate Card
  • ABC certificate July 07 - June 08

Contact details

Postal address:
The Negotiator Magazine
Ocean Media Group Ltd
1 Canada Square
19th Floor
Canary Wharf
London E14 5AP

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