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Foxtons reveals X-ray vision

Foxtons has rebranded its trademark fleet of Mini Coopers using X-rayed photography that reveals the interior of each car.

The London agency, which recently dropped its appeal against the High Court's landmark ruling that deemed some of its fees unfair, appointed artist Nick Veasey to overhaul the fleet’s branding.

Veasey used a radiography machine to take the pictures, which he then before being applied to vinyl panels and smoothed onto the fleet's bodywork (pictured).

Photography details inc
lude a key fob hanging from the ignition on the Mini's right-hand door, plus an image of a skeletal driver, based on a dummy, in the X-rayed chassis.

Veasey says: "Every artist wants to connect with the public and by bringing my art to the streets of London, I can reach out to people rather than trying to get them into a gallery.

“I do hope it makes people stop and think for a second about how things are made and what goes on under the surface. Beauty, after all, is more than skin deep."

Former Mini designs at Foxtons include the 1959 Mini Cooper's new millennium look, with the most recent Space livery having transformed the fleet into space rockets, featuring futuristic colours and designs with NASA-style numbers along their silver sides and roofs.


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