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Property prices down 3.2%, claims Zoopla

The average property price in England has declined 3.2% to £207,020 since January, according to

This compares to the 11.97% decline reported in the second half of last year, according to the figures from the portal, which bought earlier this month and which remains locked in talks about the purchase of Propertyfinder. 

On a regional basis, the figures reveal that prices in London have fallen 2.56% so far this year, down to an average of £362,812. Prices fell 11.12% in London in the second half of last year.
This compares to the 11.97% decline reported in the second half of last year.

Property prices in North Somerset and Wiltshire have seen the biggest improvements since January, up 1.40% and 1.24% respectively, with those in Plymouth, Bath and Oxfordshire following with 0.77% and 0.39% and 0.08% increases.

Conversely, prices in Northumberland and Herefordshire down 9.21% and 7.86% respectively and Cheshire, Shropshire and Suffolk down 7.43%, 7.25% and 6.12%.
Alex Chesterman, chief executive officer of, says: “Whilst optimism around a full market recovery may well be somewhat premature, there are clearly some bright spots emerging in the market and the overall pace of house price decline has slowed noticeably compared to last year which is good news for homeowners.”

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