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The Negotiator Awards 2010: the countdown

There are just 42 days to enter the biggest event in the residential agency calender, The Negotiator Awards 2010, so put on your thinking caps and prepare to share with our highly-esteemed judging panel the secrets behind your annual success.

Question: Who's going to perform best at the 2010 FIFA World Cup? Answer: The teams that are best prepared, well trained and those with the right mindset. They all have a sprinkling of talent, but all the preparatory work they do plays a key role. 

This basic philosophy applies equally to entrants to The Negotiator Awards 2010.

Some firms are strategic; they figure out what will differentiate themselves from their competitors and choose the best possible case study, picture, graph or support material for their submission. Moreover, they identify the right people from within their organisations to compile and package their entries.

They've also worked out that the judges are only human and generally respond positively to a well-honed, succinctly-worded and neatly-packaged entry, which includes independent testimonials.

Read on to discover just a few golden rules for assembling a winning awards ceremony entry because, like Capello and the England squad, you need to be prepared.


1.                  Differentiate yourself

Think hard about the entry criteria and put yourself in the judges' shoes. Our judges are all senior people, so you need to be prepared think about your entry from their perspective. What would impress them? What do you do that your competitors don't? The best entries are usually considered by a board director.


2.                  Enter the right categories

You may be a lettings firm, but that doesn't mean you have to enter only a lettings category if you believe your marketing is something about which to shout and which maximizes your chance of winning an award.  This is exactly what Capello will be doing in South Africa - selecting the right players to counteract the skills of the teams England will be playing. You need to identify your strengths and exploit them.


3.                  Support your submission

Facts are powerful; waffle and generalities are not. There are lots of ways of presenting data, so ensure you opt for the format that best highlights your achievements. For example, if your calendar year performance was better than your financial year, use this data.


4.    Limit your word count

Please don't write more or substantially less than you've been asked to supply (500 words across four pages).


5.                  Read the entry criteria

Consider that many judges like entries that follow the judging criteria item by item because it enables them to compare firms more easily. That said, one or two entries stood out last year because they purposely broke this convention.


6.                  Proof-read your entry

Up to a quarter of the entries we receive include fundamental and avoidable gaffs, such as spelling and grammatical errors. These can easily irritate our judges, and may count against your overall success.


7.    Phone a friend

The events team at The Negotiator is happy to talk through draft entries, and is always willing to provide guidance.


8.    Good presentation pays dividends

Consider using bullet points and small photographs, clever charts or graphs and other visual material that make your submission easy to assimilate and digest.


9.    Boast

Don't be modest!  Your positive opening words are crucial, so begin with the end and boast. Be proud of your achievements from start to finish without rambling.


10. Exploit the opportunity to promote your brand

This is a rare opportunity to legitimately promote your business and generate free publicity, so encourage and praise your team. What have you got to lose?

Visit to download The Negotiator Awards 2010 entry form today.

The deadline for entries is June 25 and remember, unlike other awards schemes, entry is completely free.

Contact our awards manager Michelle Lewis on 024 76 571186 for guidance on your entry and Mark Ferrell on for remaining sponsorship opportunities.


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